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In sunset with Miku

In sunset with Miku

Description: Just had to this because I rapped in front of the audience today
Mature Content: Off
Mood: Bad*ss
Idea from: Me rapping and remembering Miku
Why I made this: ^
Reading: None
Watching: None
Date: 20th of March,2014
Time: 11:30

Model: TdaÄ«Åëë¦â~âN_âfâtâHòPver.pmx
Model by: Uknown
Download: duekko.deviantart.com/art/DL-S…
Stage: None
Stage by: None
Program used: MMD
Background: Sunset_Marina
MME effects used:
SSAO effect
Edited with Corel PHOTO-PAINT
Effects used:
Lighting effects
Amount of Lighting Effects: 9
Lens flare
Amount of Lens flare: 1
Spot filter
How many times Spot filter used: 1
How many times Diffuse used: 2