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The stallman desk

RMS stallman


free, open source,gnu

The stallman desk

We were recently discussing the system bar in bb. Ultimately this is what I'd like as bar.
The name of the shot come from my admiration of Richard Stallman.

Wallpaper: this a found picture of stallman on the net, I tried to find the source but still looking for the author. I'd be glad to mention him/her here or if him/her don't wan't to see this picture used like this I will remove immediately.

Applications- background: explorer, foobar- foreground: thunderbird with custom .css, sea monkey, double commander

Plugins: bbinterface, bbleanbar+ as a child of bbi, bbpager as a child of bbi

Style: me

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    Interesting! I wish the preview was bigger...


    Mar 22 2014 07:13 PM



    @ Pete: I'm glad you mentioned the preview size. I spent some time looking for a way to change it. I uploaded a 1366X1536 image. can you help?

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    being a stallman fan, you should know that using windows is immoral and so is commercial development of software (which i do for a living).

    also, you have to learn to code, so you can write open source counterparts to the software you like to use, so you can use something like the software you'd like to use


    just a quick reminder, not that i want to start a discussion or something :D

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    Mar 28 2014 01:16 AM

    I know, I know, I know, I know...

    Being a fan of Stallman doesn't mean that I'm a complete selfish a**h*** ...well a little bit :D but free (as in freedom and stallman  ideal) doesn't mean open source/non commercial or living on thin air and acid rain water. I use windows and a bunch of "exciting" commercial software because I too do something for a living. It is the monopoly on ideas/concepts that Stallman is against and by extension that I become his accomplice.


    Nevertheless being a fan doesn't mean I am a clone of Stallman and submerse in all of his ideas, atleast not at my age, as if I was brainless.


    Lastly, because this is turning into a discussion, from my part, I read somewhere that you read/watch mangas. Well I'm a writer. I'm sure you are a fan of some author, somewhere, anyone, but this doesn't mean you have to write poetry/manga/porn/anything so you can read/watch mangas you like. Am I wrong? There'd be no fun at all. You write/code because you like code/writing.


    Man I like you just like you are, with all your commercial development and I'd surely buy softwares fom you one day or may be I'm already doing it. I just dream another world is possible.

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