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27.10.15 05 36 55 2

27.10.15 05 36 55 2

Version 2 or something. Changelog:
Toolbar: Waterfox and Notepad++ are not present in the list of windows as I've assigned Win+S and Win+D respectively to show these via Autohotkey. (That's right, native Win+D function is useless for me now.) I also put Blackboxbar in slit and disabled the list of open windows, so I can use the Workspaces widget instead.
Browser: Adjusted Tree Style Tab's tab width to ensure that 16:9 Youtube videos have no black bars. The address bar will only show when changing address or when mouse is near the top of Waterfox window. The list of tabs will expand on mouse-over, too.
Players: Switched from AIMP3 to foobar2000 to use it along with that plugin. And wow, its interface is actually better than AIMP3's. And MPC-HC probably doesn't get better than this.

I had a lot of trouble with hiding the Explorer's superbar via Taskbar Magic (the solution was to allocate 0 pixels in Taskbarmagic.ini and to disable the "disable taskbar" function in blackbox.rc).
Also, PushMonitOff is still broken and I see no way of fixing it. Apart from maybe showing a black image all over the screen.

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    Nice work!

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