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Pico's Big BBInterface question thread

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#21 pitkon



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Posted 28 December 2016 - 07:04 AM

I am a Chinese, English is very bad. I use goole to translate to english.

If the image format is gif will not produce a border. Other ico, bmp, png format will have a border.

Vector fonts will also produce border, dot-matrix fonts are not, such as the Chinese of the song (simsun).

Did you manage to load a gif item on bbinterface? Never tried it before myself.

#22 theoctopus



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Posted 26 July 2017 - 05:37 AM

I see that this thread is old, but it is apparent that the image in question has some form of anti-aliasing around it.  I am responding in hopes that any others with similar questions will find this answer.  Perhaps a mod would like to change the header to reflect the user's particular issue?

  If you pasted a transparent PNG over another layer such as your pink color, it will be a matter of the transparent layer's edges having varying opacity and blending in a gradual fashion at pixels which fall on the edges of the image.  In this case, you need to remove the anti-aliasing that is already in the image.  There are many ways to go about this, but no specific tool of which I am aware.

  If you only have a single layer in which you've filled the negative space (empty area around the character) with a fill bucket tool, you likely have anti-aliasing enabled on the fill tool.  This will blend the edges of the character with your chosen color, and the anti-aliasing or edge blending function must be disabled.  Refer to the support for your chosen software.

#23 script



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Posted 26 November 2017 - 03:54 AM

I have a bbInterface frame which holds a bunch of buttons to switch between workspaces, when you click one of the buttons the style updates to indicate it is active and the rest are dimmed. The problem arises when I switch with hotkeys, which I do frequently, then the Bro@m is never triggered and the states aren't updated.


Problem in action - first I switch with the buttons which work properly, then with hotkeys: https://sequel.s-ul.eu/vebKXQPF.webm


Example bro@m from my bbInterface config, reformatted with indentation/newlines for readability.

@BBInterface Control SetAgent WorkspaceSwitch1 MouseDown Bro@m "
	@Script [
		@BBCore.SwitchToWorkspace 1 |
		@BBInterface Control SetWindowProperty :WorkspaceSwitch1 Style "PressedButton" |
		@BBInterface Control SetWindowProperty :WorkspaceSwitch2 Style "Clock" |
		@BBInterface Control SetWindowProperty :WorkspaceSwitch3 Style "Clock" |
		@BBInterface Control SetWindowProperty :WorkspaceSwitch4 Style "Clock" |
		@BBInterface Control SetWindowProperty :WorkspaceSwitch5 Style "Clock"

Any suggestions to resolve this issue? Is this outside the scope of the tools I'm using?



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