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Window Management/Skinning

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Posted 26 January 2014 - 12:51 PM

BBHook 1.2 Authors: qwilk, ironhead Monitors and intercepts mouse clicks on window titlebars and buttons to add new functionality like window shading and selective horizontal/vertical maximizing.

Attached File  bbhook12.zip   4.15KB   40 downloads



Author: grischka

Just another bbleanskin flavor.

Attached File  bbLeanSkin+.zip   44.71KB   69 downloads


bbLeanSkin 1.17 (bbLean stock) Author: grischka Window skinning and extra functionalities like shading

Attached File  bbLeanSkin-1.17.zip   28.04KB   34 downloads

Attached File  bbLeanSkin-1.17-x64.zip   43.39KB   86 downloads


bbLeanSkinMod 1.16m Authors: qwilk, grischka Modification, adds compatibility with xoblite/bb4win

Attached File  bbleanskinmod116m.zip   55.72KB   44 downloads


BBTrans 0.5 Author: Tres`ni Adds transparency support to the Toolbar and Menus. Also allows the user to add transparency to any window they can place their mouse over.

Attached File  bbtrans05.zip   9.76KB   55 downloads


BBWinSkin 1.1 + engines Author: qwilk, uzer, mortar Another window skinner

Attached File  bbwinskin11.zip   121.21KB   72 downloads


BBwintrans 0.7b Author: Kaloth Transparent windows, support for global transparency setting and individual rules.

Attached File  bbwintrans07b.zip   63.38KB   55 downloads


Glue 1.0 Author: qwilk Sticky windows utility

Attached File  glue10.zip   12.64KB   31 downloads


reschanger 1.2 Author: Tres`ni Screen resolution changing via bro@ms

Attached File  reschanger12.zip   34.68KB   21 downloads

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