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#1 pitkon



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Posted 21 October 2014 - 04:24 PM

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]cthu1u seems to be somewhat of a fixture in the Blackbox world. Part of the community as far back as I can remember, he has regaled us with some of the prettiest styles around, and has been a co-admin of various Blackbox sites.[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]A very likeable person and a good friend, he is well known as a hoarder of plugins and everything Blackbox-wise, so you know who to ask if you are missing something…[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]He lives alone in the woods, near Lake Charles, Louisiana. As he puts it: “Relevant, I guess, if you've seen the TV show True Detective”.[/font]

Attached File  cthu 1 1135.jpg   54.75KB   4 downloads

[color=#a3a3a3;][font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]Protoblack: My most downloaded style. Me trying to get to Dreamer standards.[/color][/font]


[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]1) When did you start using BB and had you used any other shells before?[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]I started in the box realm with fluxbox. Then found out about bb4win, I believe, through boxshots.org. I wasn't all that interested in making styles until I saw Dreamer's work. I got determined to make styles that were as good as his. I got OCD obsessed after that.[/font]


Attached File  chtu 2 2045.jpg   65.61KB   2 downloads

[color=#a3a3a3;][font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]Satellite: My first attempt at a style pack.[/color][/font]


[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]2) What was BB's most notable characteristic that made you use the shell?[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]It's light, stable, clean and easy to theme, and the community has always been really great.[/font]


Attached File  cthu 3 4545.png   284.42KB   2 downloads

[color=#a3a3a3;][font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]Oxide: My styles started to get really dark at this point.[/color][/font]


[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]3) What was your contribution to the community?[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"] 
I've been making styles since '04, and was a moderator on boxshots.org and the lostinthebox forum for a few years.[/font]


Attached File  cthu 4 5247.png   731.54KB   1 downloads

River: A typical dark gray theme.


[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]4) What do you think about the shell and the community today, in contrast to the shell and the community back then?[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]BB is still stable and works flawlessly, but after Windows 7 and especially x64 systems became the norm, its community and development declined drastically. The community is doing good now though, thanks to blackbox4win.com.[/font]


Attached File  chtu 5 5187.png   278.55KB   2 downloads

[color=#a3a3a3;][font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]Corpus: Another dark gray theme. bbLean was getting all the nice features at this point.[/color][/font]


[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"]5) What do you think the shell needs and how do you think it should evolve?[/font]

[font="tahoma, sans-serif;"] 
IMO the priority should be getting all plugins ported to x64, where possible, so it's 100% compatible for new systems[color=#a3a3a3;].[/color][/font]


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#2 Arc Angel

Arc Angel


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Posted 22 October 2014 - 06:49 AM

Ia! Ia! Cthu1hu Fhtagn!

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What is The Ashrealm?

#3 doctorfrog


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Posted 31 October 2014 - 09:34 PM

Great little article. I've always admired cthu1u's style packs for their simplicity and elegance, and they just look cool. My eyeballs don't always get along with low-contrast dark styles, but it's easy enough to make a few tweaks in the style, and there you have it. I'd love to see a collection of his styles somewhere, but you can just click this link for a sizable sampling: http://www.boxshots....=cthu1hu&type=0

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#4 cthu1hu



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Posted 01 November 2014 - 08:39 PM

Thanks for that. I'd have to redo my styles to release them again, because the metrics on bb builds are so different anymore. The systembar with my styles are tiny slivers now, for instance. :biggrin:

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#5 sed



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Posted 09 November 2015 - 12:57 AM


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Posted 11 July 2016 - 04:58 PM

Great themes/styles, very inspiring.

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Posted 14 July 2016 - 02:22 AM

Great themes/styles, very inspiring.


Thanks very much.

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