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Thank You!

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#1 porksauce



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Posted 14 June 2015 - 02:59 PM

I deeply appreciate the work people have done to revive blackbox on Windows.  I just downloaded Mojmir's 1.18 RC3 and I'm absolutely loving it.


I'm running on Win8.1 - so far no real issues.  I had to use regedit to update the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE shell entry, but that's straightforward and I haven't seen any windows UI nonsense since then!


My old .rc files from bblean work perfectly.  Had some different behavior on the bar vs. what I was running previously, just because I didn't remember that there's an .rc file buried in the plugins directory that had slightly different defaults than my old one.


I'm a long-time blackbox and fluxbox user in linux, finding myself using windows for gaming and some work-related apps that are unpleasant in linux.  With bbZero + cygwin, the pain index is now below tolerance threshold!


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#2 mojmir


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Posted 16 June 2015 - 06:00 AM

Cheers :)


 With bbZero + cygwin, the pain index is now below tolerance threshold!


Exactly.. Windows NT may have a moderately good kernel (the probable reason being that it was stolen from DEC ;P ), but the user interface is (and always was) horrible. The command line is even worse for anything more complicated than 'dir' command and writing slightly advanced .bat files is exquisite pain in the bottom.


And now for something for completely similar:

Installing fresh cygwin is really really boring (mainly going through all the packages you need that are not included in default install). And i always forget one, so I keep launching install again and again...

Fortunately it can be automatized so now i have .bat file that installs cygwin for me and i thought it would be maybe nice to do an installer similar to that of blackbox that would install blackbox + cygwin at one go. Maybe include some useful utilities in the pack, like SySInternals, AutoHotKey..



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#3 brandoluck



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Posted 02 February 2017 - 07:05 PM

Yes, Thank you very much to all the developers working on blackbox for windows, i also appreciate the work and effort you guys put in! :thumbsup:

cheers  B)

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Thanks Very Much,


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