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Not really "Visual Enhancements" But useful tools.


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Posted 01 March 2017 - 12:45 AM

here are a list of software that i have found very useful while using black box for many reasons.

These softwares do have some personalization features and visual enhancements though and some are just tweaks 

(wasn't sure where to post this lol)


These programs are free to use. but of course you can support them.

it is probably best to make a backup of your files just in case :thumbsup:  or if you absolutely know what your doing..


here we go:


This program can aid you in the uninstall and reinstall of windows metro apps or "bloat-ware" (in some cases) in windows 10 



This program can help you tweak settings or fix things in windows 10 which will also aid you in the use of black box on windows.



www.thewindowsclub.com has alot of good software for many windows OS (7 / 8 / 8,1 / 10) so have a look around!


Next is a small piece of software that can help you take ownerships on annoying undeletable folders or software. Instead of doing this

manually which can take a while and is a bit of a pain in the ************!

its called take owner ship pro, and its very easy but as you probably know, be careful of what you delete.



This tweak can help you get rid of Corona (Microsoft virtual assistant) if you no longer need her.

im not sure how safe it is but i have used it and it works with no issues detected so your call (this shutdown windows search aswell, but that is no

problem with black box i can still use search and browse for files on explorer and others just fine.



I have been looking for a replacement for windows explorer for a while now, a few software had done the trick for a while but then i found this software or addon to windows

explorer file browser and have decided to go back to windows explorer becaue of this software. you can add tabs to windows explorer and also you can use chrome themes .crx files to change the theme of your explorer.exe file browser:


here is a themes (right click the "apply theme" button and "save link as" to dowload chrome theme file.)




hope these softwares can help you as they did me, if you know of any please share :)



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Thanks Very Much,


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Posted 01 March 2017 - 07:00 AM

Very useful! Thanks for posting this :)

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Posted 07 March 2017 - 08:09 PM

First of all: Thanks for the thread and suggestions. I'd click the "like" button again if I didn't do it already ;)


I'd like to add some programs/tools which I use myself and which I consider helpful for daily windows use. To make a 15-year-story short, here we go:


- Q-Dir

Q-Dir is a multi-tab, multi-window, multi-functional replacement for the standard windows file manager

Already mentioned and linked it here: http://blackbox4wind...lackbox/?p=3790


- TeraCopy

This tool replaces the standard windows copy/move-dialogue. It uses its own user interface and even its own cache. It also can continue copy jobs that stopped because of a damaged file or something like that. Also it is - at least for me - noticably faster than the windows copy dialogue.



- AllSnap

This little tool has a very special purpose which I didn't even know I missed before I used it. It makes (most of) your windows snap to their edges or the edge of the screen, as if they were magnetic. You can surely configure the distance it should snap.



- ImDisk

If you have much RAM you can create virtual drives in it with ImDisk. It's useful for several reasons like making a program start faster and improving loading times of games by installing the program/game onto that Disk. RAM-Disks are way faster than your HDD and even your SSD so loading a program/game from there should give you a huge speed boost.



- IOBit Unlocker

Sometimes you want to delete a file but windows is unable to because the file is locked due to a hook from a program that probably is already closed for a long time. Or it's file that windows considers a system file and refuses to do anything with it. In those cases IOBIt Unlocker can help and delete, move, copy and rename the file nevertheless. I still recommend not deleting any files you're not sure of if they're still needed by any program. Use at your own risk.



- WinDirStat

This neat tool analyses your hard drive(s) and created a very interesting "map" of it, representing how much space your files use. That way you can easily detect files that use too much space (like temporary files or files you downloaded and forgot about). I consider it very handy in cleaning your hard drive from rubbish files.



- AntRenamer

If you have a big bunch of files that you want to rename AntRenamer can most likely do the job for you. The tool can be set up to rename files pretty exactly as you want them to, especially if the files need the same filename structure (for example: from "file_0001.zip" to "file_1000.zip") or if you just want to add or take something away to/from the current filename.



- Resource hacker

This tool is useful for changing the user interface of many windows programs. You can change descriptions, button sizes, you can delete certain elements (like buttons you never use) or rearrange the user interface. In fact using this program might cause infringement of another program's EULA so better check that first. And better not publish changed files of programs you don't own. I recommend it only for private use.



- Autoruns

If you want to get a little control over the programs/services/files that are started/loaded during windows boot up, Autoruns is your friend. Since it's created by Microsoft it's running very well on any Windows version starting by WinXP. At least I never had a problem with this tool. It reaches farther than msconfig ever could and let's you precisely activate/deactivate the autorun-function of any program that runs at Windows startup.



Warning: I do not own and did not create any of these programs, so use them on your own risk. I don't say they are dangerous, buggy or bad coded but watch the functions carefully. I'm not responsible for any damage to your system caused by those programs.


I hope some of those programs are useful for you, too :)



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#4 brandoluck



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Posted 08 March 2017 - 01:09 AM

Thanks Molecube :) cool stuff! i wil check em out.

Thanks Very Much,


#5 crowmag



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Posted 22 March 2017 - 10:08 PM

Well, as long as we're mentioning useful apps, here is a different solution to the non-working tray volume icon:


It's not just a simple slider so it won't help people who want just that.

Like the Windows mixer volume control in Control Paneal, you can set a volume setting for each and every action/app you wish. And, you can quickly mute/un-mute applications.

But you can also save schemes.


It's only as far away as a bbKeys combo.

I have this and other no-install utilities in:


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