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Windows 10 Protection

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#1 klyxmaster


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Posted 19 March 2017 - 09:17 PM

The first post will be long and focus on a deadly since of many computers - even AV's for those of you that run them, will see a potential threat known as a "key logger", and most people are quick to delete the little tracker - or are they?


It is not well known to the general public that W10 not only has a key logging software running at all times, but if you use your voice to text - that too, is monitored and send back to microsoft!  The company admitted that “we may collect voice information” and “typed characters.” In the past, people would debate wtih me, stating that it was “intended for testing, not day-to-day use,” and that Microsoft recommended against installing the Preview on a computer with sensitive files. And they further stated that “seriously doubt that the worst spyware features will remain in the finished product.” OOPS!!


Many of my friends know that I am an anti-google (duckduckgo is my search of choice, along with startpage), I am also very against W10, as it feeds on the uninformed and those that are not very tech savy. Microsoft admits their tracking of everything you do on the pc. But this is my toy, I paid for it, and do not want to keep transmitting data back and forth. You can find all of their privacy statement here. It is very very creepy - those that defend W10, I have concluded they do so, because they do not know what they let in their house!


So can you turn the thing off? Yes, but it might cost you.

  1. Click on Settings(Start menu’s left pane)
  2. You will not see it at first, the scroll bar is not very visible, so use your mouse wheel and you will see PRIVACY pop up at the bottom. Last I remember there was a "EASE OF ACCESS" on the left and "UPDATE SECURITY" on the right of the PRIVACY icon. click it
  4. Turn off Send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future.
  5. Take a look at the rest, you'll see that several other "monitoring" features are turned on
  6. Go to the "Speech, inking and typing" and click  "Stop Getting to Know Me"

There are other sections you might want to take a look at that control your camera, microphone and other areas. This is just a small tip of the iceburg of M$ watching you.


Here is a great app to turn off much of these in a single click




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Posted 20 March 2017 - 07:35 PM


I might be trolling you after all.


Most people have heard about "MS spy" in Win10 but one of the problem I have with, or may be not, BBzero/bblean is that most of the modern apps (cortana, settings, onenote etc) don't work. Wouldn't that mean that the "keylogging" is also not working? I haven't tested or research this, most of the time I'm now stuck on plain old windows because we have a company software that behave bad with BBzero (something to do with the way it was built around the app store). I might be wrong here because such a piece of crap would be so ingrain in the OS but...we never know.

#3 klyxmaster


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Posted 20 March 2017 - 08:13 PM



that's the key phrase - "we never know"


at least back in the dos/desqView w3.0 - win98 and even xp we had a pretty good idea what was on our machine. and could do with it what we wanted, without fighting our system. But these days,NO CLUE what is in that windows folder, it's a mystery what *box can run under 10meg but it need 10-25gb to run windows - what is all on there?


everything is constantly monitoring you - to the point that - it almost better to return back to the BBS days :-) at least then only one or two people were watching you, and you knew them heheheh


but sadly, to answer your question, w10 is still watching you, all you did was change clothes :-) (shell) In otherwords, you painted your car and it looks cool but it has the same lame engine under it running


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Posted 25 March 2017 - 11:41 AM

For now I have installed DoNotSpy10 on my Win 10. And I am considering reinstalling Windows 7.

To all those that aren't suspicious about Win 10 spying on you... why was it free to download and install? Why was Windows pushed to the world so fast? What do you mean 'fast'? Well... MS developers were not even ready with implementation of many drivers to support AV, display devices etc. Did none of you hear of the infamous 'black screen of death' in Win 10? Win 10 wasn't a finished product. Why do suddenly hidden folders turn up in Windows where you don't have access? even if you are local administrator. So what's the reason behind all this?


I assume the main reason is security and I'm totally not opposed to upholding security to the highest level, because of terrorists attacking democracy the last years, but I do like my privacy. I guess it really is a difficult issue the world and governments have to deal with. So in that regard I do not blame Microsoft or any government. Blame terrorism.

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#5 klyxmaster


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Posted 25 March 2017 - 12:53 PM

well just to clarify for me, I am sure the "engine" is pretty powerful - but at the cost of my privacy? I'll pass

Cellphones are already making batteries NON-REMOVABLE iso you cannot remove them to stop spying. Even with your phone off, as long as the abattery is on, the phone can be activated. Unless the battery is removed.


and OJRED is correct, M$ used the same tactic google does - give it for free, and people will beat a path do your door with all their personal info for you


actually M$ forced it. thats why many of my not-so-savy friends would wake in the morning to find win10 installed via the update.

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