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Transparent titlebar and round corners

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Posted 03 November 2017 - 08:03 PM

​My goal is very simple: Im looking for a window manager for windows systems that would support caption bars with round corners and custom images for buttons. As a matter of aesthetics, titlebar and caption buttons should support backgrounds, png images for example. Turns out, this simple task is nearly impossible to achieve on recent windows versions.


​Facts are:

​1. Litestep does not support skinning / coloring of titlebars at all.

​2. Truetransparency application has been around for years and yeah it works but only with x32 windows. Which automatically makes it worthless for my needs.

​3. Xoblite has a very comparable functionality to BB but theres only 32 bit version out there and works only with bbleanskinmod 1.16 from their site which is 32 bit and is not capable of skinning x64 windows.

​4. Blackbox alone with a bunch of forks does not support images at all. But I found an interesting BB modification called BB2, its quite old but it allows constructing titlebars and menus solely from png backgrounds. Sadly this thing skins only x32 windows.

​Here is how it looks on windows 10 x64, transparent vista-like titlebar with round corners:Sd8eIqf.png

​This bblean modification does not use styles but rather loads skins directly from .3DC files located in themes folder.

​My question is, is there a way to revive / adapt this BB fork to work with x64 windows? How could that be done? Who is the original author of this BB mod? Alternatively, is there a way to adapt bbzero or bblean 1.17.1 to make use of themes in .3DC format? Is it possible to get these themes to work with newer x64 blackbox versions? I tried load these themes by adding session.theme: theme_name string to blackbox.rc but it didnt work.

​Or maybe there exists an alternative to truetransparency that allows changing appearance of titlebars dramatically.


Question #2. Every bblean modification I was using has icon space on each side of the menu.




Xoblite is the only exception. It doesnt have that space on the left. it possible to remove this icon gutter on the left or have user preference to set margin in case somebody wants to move arrows to the left?

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 06:02 PM

Truetransparency :




.3DC's originate from "Jasmin 3D Color Changer" and are loaded either from .3DC's or directly from the style-file by bbColor3dc and applies system colors, and has nothing to do with styling windows. I'm not familiar with "BB2"(difficult to google), but i doubt there exists a build able to conjure textures from .3DC's...

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