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An Interview With spiraloso

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Posted 04 May 2020 - 02:00 PM

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I had the pleasure of meeting spiraloso on deviantArt, where his main niche is http://www.deviantart.com/spiraloso.

I did a theme based on his excellent work and more will surely follow, but what really won me over was - besides his obvious talent - his caramaderie, his nice demeanor and the fact that he fights for Desktop Customization. In an era that has seen the demise of almost every single shell and the departure of great desktop artists, spiraloso posts a regular Customization page on deviantArt, bringing back to mind a lot of skins and themes of the past and of the present times.

True to his customization spirit, spiraloso is a member of this site and I hope that very soon we'll feature some Blackbox styles and themes by him.

So, here's the spiraloso interview that will offer you more insight on the man himself.


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When did you start working on art in general, and wallpapers in particular?


- I started as a traditional at school then left everything to follow the music dream I had but eventually I've discovered digital art so I started studying programs at night to get the grip of it and here I am. Since I use different softwares to make different genres of art I decided that making wallpapers would give me the change to express myself to the max. Besides I do love customizing and wallpapers is one of the first thing one picks to spice up their screens.


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What were your influences?


- I guess that the renaissance masters got me first and I feel in love with sculpting, drawing and painting but then I started checking out digital art in general and realized one could make many things with just a program so I got into sci-fi tech stuff in general, fractals and photography.


What course did you follow in your artistic endeavors? (Conventional, traditional, digital art etc.)


- As I mentioned earlier, I went to school of arts and music and that's how it all started. At that time it was all about brushes, oil colors and canvas, sculpting and coloring but then I left and got back into art decades later where softwares gave you limitless opportunities so I've started studying on my own so when it comes to digital art then I could consider myself a self  taught artist.


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Do you consider yourself a technical-minded person? Do you tweak your desktop environment, for instance? And, if yes, what applications do you use to transform your interface?


- I'm not really a technical person even though my artworks might suggest the opposite. When it comes to tweaking my desktop then another world pops up and that's the customization world. Yes I do change everything on my screen simply 'cos what Windows offers is not good at all!

Let's be honest, the interface looks boring and not futuristic at all which is weird 'cos we all watched sci-fi movies and knew these kinda things were going to get real sooner or later but things didn't go as planned for Mr Gates. That's when skinners come along!! I want my desktop to look as cool as I want it and I pretend to go anywhere with just one click and Windows simply doesn't offer that. I actually believe Windows should be going down the sink! Now they have the cheek to get into your system and control everything from there especially with the defender thing which they control even though the pc is yours. Anyhow, to customize my screen I use a few desktop customization tools like BlackBox, Rainmeter or Windowsblinds then I choose a nice dock, a cool Windows Theme and an icon pack to go with it. Basically I tweak everything to my liking and make my desktop efficient!


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What applications do you work with for your artistic creations?


- At the moment I'm using Photoshop CC, Cinema 4D, Apophysis, Chaotica, Mandelbulb3D and Incendia Next but I'm learning some more programs to become better and experiment with new stuff. When it comes to Photography I use a Canon EOS 1300D.


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What procedure do you follow when creating?


- It depends on what I decided to create. When it comes to futuristic sci-fi tech stuff then it's best to have an idea of what one wants to do, start creating and then just go along with the flow whereas other times I just start creating and add stuff. It's kinda different with fractals where one needs to know what to do with the formulas so it's all about getting the grip and knowing what to do and just make as much experience as one can. Well, photography is another limitless world and even there it's all about practice and experiment.


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Where do you get your inspirations from?


- That's a very good questions..........inspiration is important but it all depends on what the artist wants to do. Mainstream stuff is guided by those who work in the movies industries so they are basically the prophets and gurus of what is about to come and many up coming artists are creating almost the same stuff or come up with something slightly different until the next movie comes out if you get my meaning. There are far too many talented artists out there who come up with visually stunning artworks and if one is attracted to beauty in general then it's easy to get inspiration from almost anything. My favorite artist, if one could define it as such, is God.


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What were your biggest achievements in terms of awards, merits etc.?


- I've started as a digital artist just more than a year ago so my achievements are not that great at the moment. I just hope to make this passion as a living one day!


Where do you post your work?


- I post my works mainly on DeviantArt, ArtStation, Twitter, Instagram and WallHeaven.


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What do you think of the artistic community of today?


- That's another good question..............let's put it this way: many genres and styles of art are going down the sink thanx to those who promote something silly, pervy or stupid and define is as art. Those people are a big problem in today's modern society 'cos they don't seem to understand art but only money and only concentrate on pushing those style of crap art like porn, lesbo/gay sex (just to let people know that my father directed and produced porn movies for 20 years so I know what's going on behind closed doors better than anyone and since I'm not homophobic I ain't stressing this out for pleasure but opening your eyes and if you don't wanna opening them then let me tell you one thing: you are putting online something that is watched also by kids therefore you're not an artist but something else.....) which means many onlookers will perceive that as art. That's a big problem and many artists are forced to follow along.....of course there is always a choice. But hey, now even kids who draws ponies became artists..............


What is better, compared to yesterday? What is worse?


- Well I guess the previous answer I gave explained a few things.........what is better? People have access to all the tools they need to create art whereas before it was almost impossible to puchase some stuff therefore many talented people gave up their dream to become an artist. I think in the past people tended to experiment more. Now the possibilities are limitless but those who push arts seem not to be interested in beauty and love anymore...........


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Where do you think digital art is heading to?


- Digital art has made huge steps lately! If we look at what 3D has done in the last decade, we can see that virtual reality and transhumanism are taking over big time and artists are working extremely hard to make that happen. Now artists can literally create worlds and people at their will and create situations which seem impossible in real life. Movies like The Matrix, Avatar, Ghost in the Shell and Ready Player One are the perfect example of what I'm talking about. All I can say is that softwares give us the opportunity to be very fruitful and at an incredible speed but we should be very careful at what we create and where these arts'll lead us to. Worldview is everything and TV is the new prophet and since art is used to do that as well.......We need people with a good heart and mind to guide the artworld and not just some money makers!


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Do you have other artistic aspirations, besides digital art?


- I love playing music even though I haven't played for a long time. I'd love the customization world to take over and rise again as it was years ago. That's another reason why I've decided to make wallpapers. I tried to push the customization back again on DA but only got support from You and a little bit from others but the ones who should have gotten into it, turned a blind eye and played cool even though what I was doing was good for them too........you know, I give one something to help out but if there is no cooperation then it shows, once again, what's going in the art world. One pretends to chance things with his/her art but when the chips are down then the true nature of the person pops out........Sad but true. Too many people searching stardom pretending to be the new Robin Hood when in fact they want to slowly get into the enemy's hands in order to work for them. The customization world is falling apart thanx to those individuals which means also creativity is going down the loo and since most of them work together towards the same goal, I decided to give up for good. Funny thing, they enjoyed the support big time lol Enough said.


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