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Arc Angel

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Posted 17 February 2014 - 06:24 AM

[color=#282828;]Arc Angel is a very well known Blackbox styles author, born 44 years ago in Canada. He started styling back in 2005, thanks to one of BB4Windows’ original dev team members, NC-17. “His theme design and choice of wallpaper is what made me walk away from Litestep to Blackbox and without that step I likely would never have bothered. I have had one interaction with NC in my lifetime and unfortunately it wasn't a positive one. A shame but it changes nothing, he still stands as my starting mark.”[/color]

[color=#282828;]Since then, he has uploaded his work on Skinnables, deviantArt, boxshots and other sites. As for his themeing influences: “I really just do my own thing, I appreciate many other themers’ work such as NC-17, Cthu1hu, and of course Pitkon. They all have a “voice” in their themes that purveys over everything they make and that resonates a chord in me. Myself, I just look at a wallpaper I like and the theme just pops out at me. I try to keep from routine and force myself out of my safe zone, using gradients, fonts and wallpapers that will clearly not be popular but will challenge me to try new things. The end result granted mixed returns but helped me to grow creatively. When I've made themes for others based on a wallpaper they like, it's a different process. I try different color combos from within the image instead to find something that works for the wallpaper. It still requires a level of artistry, but it's more of a critiquing of another’s work then a creation of my own”.[/color]

[color=#282828;]What he considers his biggest achievements: “At the start was going to BBLean and its Stylemaker. Instead of trial and error with a color picker, I could see results real-time and my themes benefited immensely from it. Getting a daily deviation from Jark for Radeon and ShellShocked was a huge achievement as I began to feel that I wasn't just throwing things into the void, never seeing any return. FireDragon is probably still my most downloaded theme though I couldn't tell you why, it just seems to resonate with more people I suppose. Same goes for CyberAthelete, minus the downloads, when I get recognized for BB Themes, it's usually in relation to the CyberAthlete theme, likely due to the CPL I suppose.”[/color]


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[color=#282828;][font="calibri, sans-serif;"]I never consciously decided to theme, it happened organically while looking at wallpapers that were available on a game CD. There was a wallpaper I liked, but of course no theme existed to go along with it. As I looked at the image, I pictured how the theme would have to look in order to compliment it correctly. Parsing through the theming syntax, I realized making one was straight forward and all I would need is a color picker and some time. A short time later this is what I had, nothing but notepad[/color][/font]


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[color=#282828;]This wallpaper caught my eye with all it's abstract glory. I had been at ATI's website picking up the latest drivers and eyeing up the demo's of course when I spotted this. Immediately a theme sprang to life in my mind and I set to work. I really liked how it turned out and apparently so did Jark from DevArt as he awarded me my first Daily Deviation.[/color]


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Shell Shocked

[color=#282828;]ShellShocked was an e-zine dedicated to alternative shells and brought to light some fantastic apps. I felt it was something that not only contributed to the scene, but something fans could get behind and spark conversations and creativity. Building a theme was meant to draw attention to it and help catapult it forward. Plus I really love the “Frosty Colors”.[/color]


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Fire Dragon

[color=#282828;][font="calibri, sans-serif;"]This theme is one of my most downloaded although the creation of it has nothing special attached to it. The wallpaper caught my eye and I themed it, there was no iteration that I can remember – this is how it came out the first time. I suspect the wallpaper does almost all of the eye catching, themes rely on good backgrounds and sometimes your best work can get lost in a wallpaper that failed to catch on. In this case, the background makes the theme better[/color][/font]


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Cyber Athlete

[color=#282828;]If I'm recognized in a chatroom or forum, it generally for this theme. I liked the design and the theme works great for it, but it's not in my top ten by my opinion. I believe the hype surrounding the CPL and the fans who supported it wanted to wear it's flag loud and proud. They had very little in the form of “fan merch” so offering a way to show support is the likely culprit for this phenomenon. Don't misunderstand me, the attention to the theme is great but it's thanks largely to a separate entity.[/color]

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 08:17 PM

Great work here ! but I can't read anything you wrote here..  Is it only me?  :ermm:

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 08:40 AM

Great work here ! but I can't read anything you wrote here..  Is it only me?  :ermm:

You are probably using the Blackbox (black) theme which has some issues with fonts... Try the IPB theme :)

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 07:17 PM

but the black theme is so pretty.

and everything works if you leave the font color to default :3

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 02:27 PM

Clean Professional work!! :biggrin: :yes:

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