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xoblite bb5 RC4+ is now available! :D

xoblite bb5 Plugins

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Posted 25 February 2021 - 01:56 PM

I'm thinking CTRL + arrow keys as well as ALT + arrows keys could be changed with keybinds as sort of a gesture control to change between workspace's or bring up a variety of custom menu's or program shortcuts. I think BB4WIN's future resides in how well it pushes the envelope of combinations of interactivity, styling, and functionality combined with a performance mindful appeal. I think clever use of keybinds could defiantly improve the appeal of the GUI shell a lot of users. Is there a way to even make a plugin to assign a keybind combination and then search for a program to assign to it perhaps? Like maybe I want to use ALT or CTRL + number keypad keys to launch assignable programs.


That dock on the right side in the first screenshot. Could those numbers be assigned in that way for example? That would be handy right? I can't help, but think those would be really cool if you could hover over them and if enabled for the assigned slot it would have a rollover menu that can be customized like for the reddit icon it could bring up a list of reddit links to launch or spotify a list of play list links. You may wish to consider taking queues of inspiration from NovaLauncher with it's icon customization for that right hand side dock.


What I feel would be great is even further interactive and stylized GUI design packed into BB4WIN. I could see a point in time where it's used with VR/AR as a GUI to interact with all types of programs both within them and outside of them and controlling the programs themselves in a highly customized and optimized to taste for performance or quality minded manner. Anyway I'll take a look at this sometime in the near future and see what's under the hood with it going on. I have to say it's look great on style.


A nice step in a new direction would be support for turning the dock and menu's into customizable stylized 3D GUI's. That kind of falls in place with what I said about VR/AR as well. Perhaps that's a future consideration for the shell? How awesome would that be especially if the menu's and dock's could emit projected lighting reflections on the desktop. Someday BB4WIN will transcend into a pixel perfect interactive GUI state of Nirvana.

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Posted 01 April 2021 - 03:27 PM

Not sure where to put this so it lives here now.

Just some observations and a wish list after using RC4+Update for a bit.


Wish List:

  • Ability to exclude window(s) and processes from the taskbar.
  • Ability to remove mouse(+modifier) desktop hotkeys.
  • Ability to remove "insert" pinning menu windows.
  • Ability to change the order of the clock, taskbar, workspaces within the toolbar.(Pretty pointless but someone might want it)
  • Ability to use "Win" + key as a lone modifier.(I assume this might be a no go but doesn't hurt to ask.)
  • More window management for workspaces.(flags for Show on all, Show on specific, Open on specific)
  • Extended workspace features.(Ability to exclude a monitor, two dimensional layouts*, hotkey to change to specific workspace)

    *2D layout example:

  • toolbar.element.marginWidth: 2 2 1 1 or toolbar.element.marginLeft etc could be useful.



  • Foobar2000 sometimes disappears from the taskbar. (This might be due to removing the window style? Hard to reproduce)
  • Hexchat when started in fullscreen doesn't get tracked as a window. (I assume same as above)
  • mpv when started without borders doesn't get tracked as a window. (I assume same as above)
  • Steam will move workspace and/or hide itself when changing workspace, this is inconsistent but happens quite often. It also seems to be only the main window and not Friends, Properties, etc.
  • Any program running as admin having a window causes worksapce features to completely stop functioning. Switch, Gather, etc all do nothing until closed or hidden to the tray. Happens even when the window isn't active, an easy example is Task Manager as this always runs elevated.
  • Menu doesn't close when selecting some windows. (This seems to be related to windows that aren't being tracked. Hexchat in fullscreen or mpv without borders as examples)
  • Calling the menu through a hotkey doesn't always function as intended. Opening the menu and then interacting with the previous window can cause the menu to stay open. (This seems to be related to windows that have unique styling? Steam, Discord, or ones that have been removed etc)


Thanks as always. Looking forward to future builds and source if that's still planned.

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Posted 12 April 2021 - 07:19 PM



Coming SOON™ aka When It's Done


BR//Karl aka qwilk/@xoblite

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Posted 25 July 2021 - 05:48 AM

any newest news?

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Posted 01 October 2021 - 01:55 PM

Thanks so much for this!  I am so happy to use bb again.

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